Hillary’s Ghost (The Ice in 2010): a Poem by V.B. Gerard

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Hillary’s Ghost

(The Ice in 2010)

By V.B. Gerard

Old geologists never die
Just stop seeing rocks in the sky;
Old physicists get so confused
And so very very bemused

Where is that Hadron Collider
Is it Geneva or Neumayer?
Or, NZ Scott Base
Which is a very neat place.

The Yanks drop in
For some decent gin
And also for real beer,
When they need some cheer.

If this winds drops down
It’s away to McMurdo town;
Catch a kite to the sun,
To NZ for some fun.

Then back to the Ice
Winter is not so nice;
A new boss for the year,
You just have to bear.

Hillary’s ghost has come
To kick us in the bum,
Get us driving to the Pole
It’s so good for HIS soul.

The tractor will not go,
It’s more than 40 below
Let’s squirt some ether
Right up its breather.

Doc’s got some in a bottle.
Hope it’s not his bed time tipple
But the dogs will go
At more than 50 below.

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